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Learn More About Jesus

The Bibles

The book, known as the Bible, tells stories of people throughout time who have encountered and known the power and love of God, and His Son Jesus. If you’ve been curious about this subject, then having your own Bible to read is a good place to start. In fact, the Bible itself says that this is where to begin (John 5:39).

If you don’t have a Bible, Christian Record Services for the Blind offers the Bible and New Testament* in audio, braille, and large-print formats in several versions. Spanish-language Bibles and the Gospels** are offered, too.

"Yesterday I received a beautiful leather bound large print Bible from you. Thank you so much! I have so missed being able to read my Bible." --Ethelyn

*The Bible is organized into two parts the Old Testament and the New Testament, which begins with the birth of Christ.

**The Gospels include the books written by Jesus' closest friends during his lifetime on earth. Their names were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Bible Correspondence Courses

There is a section of the Bible, found in the book called 1 Chronicles, that is referred to as the “begats.” It’s a long list of verses that explains the heritage of Jesus. It’s a bit like without the animated green leaves. When reading this section for the first time, and without a mentor or friend at your side, it’s easy to give up—there are a lot of names! The Bible correspondence courses offered through Christian Record are the equivalent of having that friend and teacher, and you don’t get to Chronicles until it makes sense to do so. The courses are offered in braille and large print.

Beginning Courses - Alive with Jesus

is a two-part course that explains spiritual new birth and growth. Part one is called Come Alive with Jesus and has seven lessons. Part two, Stay Alive with Jesus, has 15 lessons.

"I am still learning a great deal from these lessons that I either didn’t remember or didn’t understand as a younger child. This is really good for me. This is what I’ve been wanting to learn!" --Dee

Intermediate—Advanced Courses

Discover answers some of life’s deepest questions, such as the following: Why does God permit suffering and death? When a person dies, what then? What is the secret to a happy life? Is there hope for our chaotic world? Find answers in the Bible to these questions—and more with this 30-lesson course. This course is also offered online through Voice of Prophecy.

Life and Teachings of Christ

explores the simple but powerful life of Jesus. This course has 25 lessons.

You may enroll in one course at a time, and Christian Record will send the lesson booklets through the mail. The lessons contain quizzes for you to complete and submit to the Bible school office to be graded.

The new online library gives you the power to access and request the resources mentioned on this page at any time of the day or night. For new Christian Record members, there is a verification of blindness process that can take place within 24- to 48-hours of submission of the requested document. If you are already a member then you select a password the first-time you access your account. That's it. Get started now! Click on Lib.Guide above. Thousands of inspirational, entertaining, Christian-based books, and literature are at your fingertips.

Bible Study Guides

The Bible study guides differ from the correspondence courses in that they are periodicals or magazines—and you don’t have quizzes to submit! The Bible study guides provide you with readings for each day of the week. They are designed to be studied together with your church Bible class or small study group. Christian Record offers versions for adults and children to help you in your walk with God.

The Kindergarten Bible Study Guide

is for children ages 3-4. It contains Bible stories and activities for families to do together during family worship time at home. It is available as a weekly podcast.

The Primary Bible Study Guide

is for ages 5-9, contains Bible stories and activities for families to do together during family worship time at home. It is available as a weekly podcast.


is a Bible study guide for ages 10-14. It is available as a weekly podcast.


is a Bible study guide written by young adults for young adults. It is available as a weekly podcast.

The Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide

covers a different Bible subject each calendar quarter. Topics have included The Book of Acts, Christian Stewardship, Preparation for the End Times, and Unity in Christ. This Bible study guide is available in regular print and digital formats for eReaders, audio and braille. The audio editions are produced quarterly, the braille editions monthly.

In Step with Jesus: New Members’ Bible Study Guide

is a set of four Bible study guides. Its 52 lessons are designed to be completed over the course of one year. This Bible study guide is available in audio or braille.

Christian Books

A variety of Bible subjects, in addition to the 1,500-plus inspirational and entertaining Christian-themed books available in the online library, are available in audio, braille, and large print. Spanish-language books on Bible topics are offered in audio and large print.

Large-print titles:

  • God’s Plan for Your Well-being
  • Help in Daily Living
  • How To Believe When You Hurt
  • No Fear of Failure
  • Promises, Challenges, and Encouragement from Scripture
  • Rescue from Beyond Orion
  • Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God
  • Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
  • Steps to Christ
  • The Great Hope
  • Victory in Christ
  • Voices from the Sky

Braille Hymnal

Fanny Crosby was blind—but that really isn’t what she’s known for today. She wrote more than 8,000 hymns during her lifetime between 1820 and 1915. And no, her songs have not gone out of style. They continue to be recorded by musical artists today and sung in churches the world over. Here are a few of her best-known songs: “Blessed Assurance,” “Jesus is Tenderly Calling You Home,” “Praise Him, Praise Him,” and “To God Be the Glory.”

The Seventh-day Adventist braille hymnal, offered by Christian Record, is packed with 695 uplifting Christian songs and hymns, including several of Fanny Crosby’s songs. It comes in four spiral-bound volumes. Use the hymnal as you lead worship, sing along with your church family, or enjoy in your personal devotions. If singing isn’t your thing, the poetry of the hymns is equally powerful and uplifting.