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Resources for People who are Legally Blind

  • Find a full listing of the programs and services offered free to people who are legally blind by clicking the link above!

  • Lib.Guide is an online library resource available to our members at all times of the day and night, for free. Members can download books and magazines and request other resources in a number of formats: refreshable or printed braille, large print text for eReader or paper, and audio files for use on Daisy or streaming over a computer or device. The library has more than 2,000 titles of inspiring and empowering books, many are Christian-based, and so members never need to worry about whether the content will be appropriate for others in the house that may also have access to the material.

  • Christian Record welcomes PhoneFaith, an outreach ministry for people who are blind. Daily PhoneFaith dial-in presentations strive to inform, encourage, and inspire the mind, body, and spirit through mental health and wellness sessions, social meet-and-greet interactions, Bible games, and prayer time. Call PhoneFaith at 209.399.9465

  • Click the title above to view to head to view upcoming programs on PhoneFaith

  • Click the title above to download a PhoneFaith Schedule in large print format.

  • Click the title above to download a PhoneFaith Schedule in screen-reader compatible PDF.

Resources for Individuals Seeking Ways to Support Inclusivity in their Community

Ministry Resources within the Seventh-day Adventist Church

  • Our mission is to encourage local congregations to give special attention to individuals with disabilities. We also encourage them to develop programs for witnessing to people with disabilities and make our churches accessible to all.

  • The motto of this ministry states clearly an underlying principle on which its existence is based: “All are gifted, needed and treasured!” APM is about caring and inclusiveness. It involves education and acceptance for everyone and the development of plans that will help bring about opportunities for involvement and a sense of belonging for the special needs person. It is a ministry that calls all to a life of service.

  • If you are outside the United States and/or its' territories, click the link above to send an email and request more information about the additional materials that Christian Record can provide to church members in your Conference, Union and/or Mission!

Legal Definition of Blindness

The legal definition of blindness is "visual acuity of not greater than 20/200 in the better eye with correction or a field not subtending an angle greater than 20 degrees." However, in a special issue on Low Vision and Blindness in 2005, Kenneth Jernigan wrote a wonderful piece titled   "A Definition of Blindness" [click on the title to read the article] for the National Federation of the Blind which provides context and richness to the complexities of labeling this or any medical condition.