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Sabbath, August 14, 2021

Christian Record Annual Day of Giving

Donate: Give Hope!

Church Materials for August 14, 2021

Videos (View, Download, & Play)

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Poster (Download & Print)

Bulletin Inserts (Download & Print)

Offering Call (Download & Print) / Bulletin Announcements

Sermon (Download, Print, & Listen)

"See God’s Power Unite His Church" by Dr. Ray McAllister (Author Bio)

As requested by a recent pastors' survey, this prepared sermon can be read as a letter to a church or played as an audio file. Ray McAllister, Ph.D., is a Seventh-day Adventist author and scholar shares his experiences as a blind man with love and humor. He encourages churches to accept people with all types of disabilities.

A Letter From the President (Download & Print)

Your gifts bring hope to people who are blind. Donate now.